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The first settlements in La Vila Joiosa date back from the Bronze Age. The hill where the Old Town is located nowasdays was an Iberian town, and there are well-founded reasons to identify Villajoyosa with the Alonis of the classic texts. The Department of Archeology has plenty of quotidian and militar material resulting from the archeological dig on the Poble Nou Necropolis (6th Century).

During the Roman era, the area reached its economic and cultural peak. This results on the identification of the city with Alonis. From this period, a lot of archaeological rests that you can see visiting the Archaeological Museum have been left by the romans to us. During the Middle Age the coast was uninhabited because of the constant pirate raids, and in the 8th century the Southeastern coastal regions, known as Levante, were islamized. In 1300, the Admiral of Jaume II, king of Aragón, Bernat d'en Sarriá, founds this town.

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  • Villajoyosa 1

Properties in Villajoyosa

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    2 beds, 2 baths from £249,888

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    Town House

    3 beds, 2 baths from £417,357

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